OCSPLORA exists for creative revolutionaries: lovers of adventure, creativity, and generosity who work hard, love well, laugh often, live fully, have an insatiable curiosity and want to make the world better.

We write for an english-speaking audience, aged 18+, living all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Profiles of, or interviews with, people who are living creative, adventurous, and generous lives and changing the world.

How-To Guides should help readers learn how to do new creative skills, with plenty of photos and detailed step by step instructions.

Field Reports talk about trends creative revolutionaries should know about, like Microfinance Lending and the Creative Commons, happening around the world. Include lots of links for further investigation.

Adventurelogues are true accounts of adventures you have had. They can be as short and simple as a photojournal, or in-depth like a National Geographic story. Should always include lots of photos.